Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleansing On-The-Go

We have all dreaded that late night cleansing!.. There are several nights I reached for baby wipes in hopes of atleast getting part of the days grime off... Needless, I had to upgrade from baby wipes and get a little more sophisticated ;) lol... So, with that.. here are some of my favorite cleansing wipes and solutions, so you too will not reach for the baby wipes.. (Ha! I still secretly do sometimes... shhhhhh)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Makeup Artist | Sam Fine giving us The Basic of Beauty; DVD

For as long as I can remember, Sam has been one of the leading makeup artist I have been following. Everything about Sam is fine...
His Work, His Attitude, His Ethic, and His Poise. Sam has got it all. With a copy of all of his books, I have spent many of nights buried in them. So I am so pleased to see the release of his DVD! From the preview clips it looks like Sam is putting it all for us to see in it. How great is that. Just starting in makeup?, Brushing up your craft?, Need to learn how to apply foundation correctly ?, get those eyebrows just right ?

You need to run.. No Click as soon as possible on Amazon, and get his DVD, SAM FINE MAKEUP DVD:THE BASIC OF BEAUTY!

Speaking of Mr. Fine..
Watch this beautiful Video with Iman, and Iman Cosmetics