Monday, March 30, 2009

Total Spring Beauty Look at Second City Style! Check it out!

Total Spring Beauty Look at Second City Style!..

There are some goodies on this Spring's beauty list... Kieh's Lip Glosses, and Anastasia Brow Gel are some of them, and I am eating them up!

Check out the complete look here! Total Spring Beauty Look

Kelley Epps-Woods, Beauty Writer

Friday, March 27, 2009

Cover to Cover Magazine Conference!

This weekend, I was honored and asked to speak at HU's 6th Annual Cover to Cover Magazine Conference. I will be speaking on the Blogger's Panel *The Secret Life of Blogs*, with the likes of such other well known Magazines. Focusing on the internet and the advantages of web presents, as well as how multimedia has changed journalism, and the how-to's of journalism and blogging.

Come join Cover 2 Cover in learning about the world of magazines. Hear top professionals speak about writing and editing for various types of magazines and newspapers.
*Learn how to build up your portfolio and market yourself as a journalist
*Learn about publishing and how a magazine company operates
*Learn how to set yourself up to one day present YOUR feature presentation.

This year's keynote speaker is Editor-in-Chief of UPTOWN Magazine Keija Minor.

Other Speakers coming are representing:
The Liberator Magazine
Essence Magazine
KING Magazine
Washington Association of Black Journalists
ESPN Magazine
Second City Style/ & MORE

Host: Presentation is Free! COVER 2 COVER Magazine Group
Type: Education - Workshop
Network: Global
Date: Sunday, March 29, 2009

Time: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Location: Howard University's Blackburn Center
City/Town: Washington, DC
Any questions please e-mail

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super Shiny Puckers: Makeup Forever Glossy Full

Has your gloss ever been not shiny enough, or are you tired of your matte lipsticks. Well take your shine to another level with, Makeup Forever's Full Glossy. It's not just any ol' clear gloss,it produces a 'vinyl effect'! Makeup Forever's Glossy Full is ultra glossy lip plumping gloss, that gives the lip a vinyl-shine effect. It is colorless and non sticky (for those who tend to get there hair stuck in the gloss ;) .

For an ultra glossy effect, try this Glossy Full over your regular gloss. Talking about a high shine effect! I'm excited thinking about it..
If you want a full glossy color all-in-one, try Makeup Forever's Glossy Full Couleur. These ultra pigmented, gel-textured lip glosses are long lasting, and leaves lips with an ultra shiny, vinyl-effect.

Check out the Video to see Glossy Full in action!

Make Up For Ever Glossy Full, $20

Kelley Epps-Woods

Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a Sweet Sixteen!

Wanted to post something fun today.. Its Friday!! I wanted to share this earlier in the week, but had been so tied up with Editorial post, faces and such.. Nevertheless, I got to do makeup for a fab 'Sweet 16", that was so fun. I think I enjoyed so much, because I had no idea what I did for my 16th birthday.

I brought out all the tools for this one. I arrived to the home to start makeup, and my hubby was assigned photographer. Of course, she was gleaming and excited.. After makeup was done, we headed to take a few formal pics of her and her friends, and then headed to the party.. Let's just say I'm not sure who had more fun the grown ups, or the teenages..Lol.. Good times!
Here are few pics...

(Her and her friends on their way to the party)

(UHhh this cake looks so yummy!) -> (Her candy bar Decor)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Question and Answer: Oily Skin

Hello ladies, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a hectic, but fun filled one and have pics to share! But I also, wanted to share with you a question, that I have heard from many of women, but also one that was sent it, and thought it may help you as well...

Topic & Question: Oily Skin
"I have a question that I hope you can answer or give me some insight.
I have extremely oily skin. It do not have acne. What can I do so my make up does not look like I have grease on my face. Please advise. "
Thank You,

The best thing for women with or without oily skin is a primer. Primers are great to smooth fine lines and wrinkles as well as prepare a smooth canvas for Foundation. However, in the case of oily skin, a primer with oil control would be perfect. What I use and still use for my clients that I found that works magic, with no oily breakthrough during the day is Iman Cosmetics Under Cover Agent Oil Control Primer. It is amazing. And even better you can find it at your local Target, or Walmart. If you are not using an oil free foundation, and need oil control this is the perfect Primer... Hope this helps!


Great News! BOBBI BROWN is offering 25% off on all Bobbi Brown prodcuts for a few days only!

I know you just know my love for Bobbi Brown products, so if you need recommendations on products (colors, etc. ), please feel free to leave a comment.. I can tell you all of my favorites, and must haves.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabulous Brows: Vanity Mark

Hey everyone!... It's been a few days..I have been extremely busy with organizing home, business, and my Editorial work for Second City Style. But, I promise the neglect will be minimum.
I have a product I wanted to share with you, that yes, I have falling in love with... On the makeup front, I have been doing alot of natural beauty, and mostly for everyday women. So, I wanted to share this product with you that will put your whole look together.

What is this product you say? Well, I am totally loving Vanity Mark Eyebrow Pencils in Dark Choco. I absolutely have no brows, and really have to groom them in the morning. If I have not done my eyebrows, it throws off my whole look . When I discovered Vanity Mark Eyebrow pencils, I feel instantly in love. The color is phenomenal and is perfect for my brows, and not only that, they have somewhat like built in wax, and tames and lays down your brows as you fill them in. My brows do not move all day.

Because I use powders on brows for most of my clients, it is so refreshing to turn to this pencil to fill in the sparse areas, as well as groom the brows as well. It may be a tad expensive for what you may want to pay for an eyebrow pencil, but it works! From caucasian to african american women, there is one for you..

Check out their whole collection. I am a fan. Vanity Mark, $16

Peek-a-boo's No More! hip-T Giveaway at Second City Style!

Ladies, this is serious business! Are you low rider jeans riding 'too low', and/or tired of the embarrassing accidental peeks. Well let me introduce you to hip-T. No more unexpected peeks of your undergarments, and no more tugging and pulling.
Hip-T solves those problems by being extra coverage for under your shirts, and as a cute layering piece. I have one in black and white, and I love them! No more worries about bending over and giving someone a 'surprise'!

Check out our Giveaway at Second City Style! We will be giving away hip-T's to 2 lucky readers, with their choice of style and color.

Head on over to Second City Style! You guys will love them.. I promise..

Friday, March 6, 2009

New Obsession: Bobbi Brown Cream Eye Shadows

I have to admit, I was fumbling through channels the other night, and got glued to QVC. I'm so not ashamed, because when they have anything Beauty, I'm tuned in. Well, the other day I caught Bobbi Brown on there previewing, and demonstrating her Long Wear 3-piece Eye Set.

So, as I watch Bobbi do her demo for the stay put cream shadow, I said ohhh interesting. The color she was using was fab, and I will be now adding to my makeup haul. But, what really sold me what the host who had placed the cream shadows, and the cream liner on her hand, and rubbed to her heart's content, and it did not budge! Oh, I was so sold... See why does QVC do that to you.. *head down in palm*.. As the host states, "... 534 Units has just been sold"..

But, yes that's right Bobbi Brown Cream Eye shadows are a must. I have always loved her line for her modern every day colors for women. She has the most fabulous neutral colors, that I love to use for Brides. I was already sold on the Gel Eyeliners, and own several now, but now I will be adding the Cream Shadows...

Check them out here! Bobbi Brown Cream Shadows, $22

Kelley Epps-Woods

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Venus Embrace... The Best Razor Ever..

Okay, I have never been one for shaving. First, it takes too long, and second,I never can manage a clean shave without nicks and cuts. It never fails. So, I had sworn off razors, and went other routes.
Well, that was until I tried Gillette's Venus Embrace 5 blade razor. One word, Amazing. I will never try another razor. I couldn't believe how effortless it was. I had to look at the razor to see if it was actually getting the hair!

With it's moisturizing band, it glided over the skin so easy, and even better I was nick free! My legs felt so luxurious, and has never felt so baby soft. I also love that it last longer than most razors, and I don't have to change razors every few days.
Now, I don't mind touching up here and there, because I know this razor works. This razor should win an award, and I'm not sure what took them so long for a razor like this!
If you are one for razors you MUST try this razor, and even if you aren't, you still must try this razor. It's amazing you won't regret it..

Gillette's Venus Embrace 5 blade razor, $13.99