Wednesday, July 30, 2008

..freshen up'

Many of days I have come from the outdoors thinking, geez, I smell like 'outdoors'. It's not the most pleasant thing to smell, when you are heading to a business lunch, or hot date. So, I was thrilled when I flipped through my current Lucky Magazine and spotted Giovanni Cosmetics Organic Biodegradable Towlettes (11.95). The come in great scents such as; Peppermint Surge, Lavender Calm and Grapefruit Splash.

Another great thing is that they come in tiny, individually wrapped packets that are great to toss in your bag, carry on luggage or your purse. The 20 ct. mix pack, that will be perfect for the times when I may want a wake me up with the Grapefruit scent, or want to relax with Lavendar, or spruce up with Peppermint. You can now clean up, wipe up, and freshen up on the go!

This is perfect for those long flights that leave you dull, and lifeless, or the sun that leaves you burned and dry. This will be a staple for me !

Hooray for pure genious!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Tired but Blissful..

So this weekend completed what I call my Traveling/ Wedding Summer... We just got back in town last night from such a wonderful extended weekend, for our best buddies Jeff and Trina's Wedding in SC. And what makes this couple so special is that Jeff is the one who introduced me to Troy, who is now my hubby!

Even though I just got married to my wonderful hubby this past June, which was oh-so-fab, we got to relive it again with Jeff and Trina. This time we were able to be the spectators, and enjoy the moment with them as they prepared for their nuptials. I can say it felt great because I could see the moments that I am so glad that I was able to enjoy but also see how the events, and moments leading up to the Wedding can be so special, and can I say tiring!

Jeff and Trina's family was so amazing, and we felt so much like family. But, never go to the south and think you will be on some kind of strict diet or 'eating healthy' plan! All of that was out the window as soon as we geared up with the Bride and Groom for the 8 hour trip to the south! Any and everything we ate was good! So, needless to say I am back and tuned in to my regular exercise program.

The Wedding was beautiful and so elegantly done. And as I witnessed the union, I can say, I know I felt as happy as they looked. I guess words cannot describe the feeling of marrying someone who you love so much, and know that that is just the beginning of so many years to come. I felt every bit of excitement and happiness for them that I know I felt on my own Wedding Day. Love is beautiful.

So Cheers to Jeff and Trina, and wishing them many many years of happiness, and love!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Clark Bailey Company MAKEUP: Kelley for Face Mode

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

older but Goodie Pub...BLiNK MAGAZINE !! (Published 08)

Face Mode's got a recent Story!!.. in BLiNK MAGAZINE.... an International Publishing

Check out this Issue of BLiNK Magazine, for a full Editorial Story of the Awakening!!!!

Photographer : Mark M Gong
Styling: Ope
Makeup : Kelley for Face Mode
Model: Ninelle


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Quote of the Day...

"When I first moved to New York and was totally broke, I used to buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more."--Carrie Bradshaw, SEX & THE CITY

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inspiration for my Blog....

BIBLE STUDIES(Newest ones are last)

Your Opinion Doesn't Change God

10/13/97 All Things Work Together for Good
"And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Eyes to the Moon!

(response post from Tia Williams- Shake Your Beauty)
I can't see...!....
BlackOut! ..
A mascara blackout......
Dior Show Blackout!
So, I was in Mexico and happend to pick this up for 21 dollars..(no tax).. Yeah! and omg as a Makeup Artist who uses millions of products, I can truly say that I am in love..
I was sold on Loreal's Volumnious before, then I found a new love of Fresh's Supernova..all $26 dollars of it.. Then, I find this Dior love and couldn't beat the price. Plus they were sold out of the regular Diorshow.. So I tried this Blackout..and I can truly say..I HAVE NOT FOUND BETTER..
I have this obsessive compulsion of loving my lashes feeling extra long, and thick, but without the clumps..and this does it.. it maximizes my lashes to the fullest!
This is the best mascara to date, and I don't think I will cheat on it with another mascara ever! unless they come out with one that takes my eyelashes to the moon ;-)

What is your skin craving ??

As I was applying my moisturizer last night, I thought about why I like this particular moisturizer . Like most women I know that fall into the category of 'product junkies', I tend to find myself in the faithful 'loyal bin'. Yes, I have tried many products, and I research products daily, but I don't find myself going to the store monthly stocking up on these products like groceries.
However, there is one product I am crazy about, and I will run to the store to buy it at the mere site of the bottom of the jar. I have found a faithful, loyal, 'never disappoint', 'nag me when I stray', friend.. and that is my CVS Vitamin E moisturizer.
It is not your typical $39 dollar jar of cream or your Cavier infused potion. It is a $3.99 jar of Vitamin E cream.
I have cheated! I have cheated! and gone to other things, but the grass was not green! In fact it was full of weeds!! I had to run back. and was just hoping for happy return. I was welcomed back with radiant skin again. I will never stray !

I can always tell an immediate difference when I don't use it. My moisturizer immediately gives me the smooth, butter feeling my skin craves. It has no harsh ingredients that break me out and itch, and as an added benefit, it keeps my blemishes at bay. I look in the mirror, and my skin is plumper than when I used a $200 'famous' cream, that so many use. I can't ask for anything more in a cream.

With that said I found an interesting article about Moisturizers that you may think is a good read. It's titled ' Moisturizer Myth's Busted !' ... great read !

Let me know what you think! your best moisturizer or product!