Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleansing On-The-Go

We have all dreaded that late night cleansing!.. There are several nights I reached for baby wipes in hopes of atleast getting part of the days grime off... Needless, I had to upgrade from baby wipes and get a little more sophisticated ;) lol... So, with that.. here are some of my favorite cleansing wipes and solutions, so you too will not reach for the baby wipes.. (Ha! I still secretly do sometimes... shhhhhh)


Opé - Style Artist said...

Thanks for the tips...sometimes I am so tired I don't even reach for the baby wipes...Yikes!

Face Mode said...

Ive been guilty a few times

My fav are Boots Wipes No.7

Girl try them!!!

Naomi said...

I bought the Boots No 7 wipes last weekend and they are awsome. I used them yesterday on a shoot that I did and they worked like a dream to remove the makeup. Thanks for the product recommendation; my kit won't be without these.

Face Mode said...

Naomi..Yes I'm so glad you like them..

which reminds me I need to restock