Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shu Uemura's Mika Holiday Collection

We are not even in to November yet, but the Holiday Collections are here! Shu Uemura has an eye catching collection by Mika, a Japanese photographer and film director. This Holiday season is all about the color. I am loving it!

SHU UEMURA'S -Mika Holiday Collection
Designed by Mika Ninagawa

Give a gift of color this holiday season! Renowned Japanese photographer and film director, Mika Ninagawa teams up with shu uemura this holiday to create a unique colorful collection. This collection captures a woman's unlimited possibility for beauty with explosive vivid colors for the eyes, lips and nails. Combined with one-of-a-kind packaging, designed by acclaimed photographer Mika Ninagawa, bring distinctive looks and artistic beauty to the most festive time of year!

Shu Uemura, Mika Holiday Collection, - Beauty Babe. Beauty On-the-Go!

Check me out on SCS for Beauty Babe, Beauty On-the-Go!

Credit: Article & Illustration Kelley D. Woods

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Check me out on Beauty Buzz: Eye Brush 101

Take the trivia out of figuring out which brushes you need and why? Check out Eye Brush 101! Eyebrush 101

Credit: Article and Graphics by Kelley d.
Kelley D. Epps-Woods

Green Is In...

Green is in! Just take a look at the palettes for fall. Green shadow has always been a favorite of mine, but most shy away from. One, because they think they can't wear it, and two because it not the most popular color. But green ladies, is one of the most beautiful colors that makes your eyes pop like crazy, and is amazing on brown and hazle eyed women.
Green also brightens your complexion. So if you had a late night, and need to look 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' for the morning, try lining your eye with a subtle green liner, or add a sheer layer of green shimmer shadow. It will make you look half way alive! lol.
Take the plunge ladies. It's a color you should definitely add to your collection!

Some of my favorites are Swimming Eyeshadow by MAC $14.50 , or Nars Palette in BellyDance $32.00 (shown above).

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adesign KabukiSet!

Yeah! Kabuki's... 
Those of you who love a great Kabuki as much as I do, please check out Adesign's KabukiSet that is on Sale for $35. There are 4 wonderful Kabuki brushes for a great price..

I have another set of Adesign Makeup Brushes that I totally adore. They are some of the best brushes I have used, and they do not shed. Makeup Brushes that shed are like a thorn in my side. It irritates me to the utmost. Every person that has felt my brushes, love how soft they feel. There is nothing like a good quality brush. And oh, did I say they are inexpensive compared to so many higher priced brushes, that don't even compare to these charmers. Brush lovers..

Please check these out if you love a to-die-for brush!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lancôme's Ôscillation Vibrating Mascara Launches Today, Oct.22nd !!!

It's here!! Being the mascara junkie that I am, and for those who knows I can't be pulled away from my Dior Show Blackout, can't but help to be caught up by this vibrating mascara. Okay, so when did cosmetics become machines! Will it give me foot long lashes, or just body building volume?! I guess we'll see...

According to a celebrity makeup artist:The key to great results with Ôscillation is a certain application technique. They say apply in slow, straight and steady strokes.--Don’t zig-zag and don’t wiggle! and like any mascara please, don’t overpump the wand. There’s plenty of product on there for multiple coats.--If, at first you don’t succeed…don’t give up! Ôscillation takes a few tries to get the hang of it. Ôscillation is great for the lower lashes, so don’t forget to apply there.

Hmmm. Sounds like I don't need a manual, but I know it will take me a few tries to get it just right...
I look forward to hearing what you think!?

Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Mascara,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

fab find, and I'm in love... Kabuki Brush

I know I know, I haven't posted in a few days, and I have good reason. Well see....

Yes, my weekend was very busy and was trying to catch up on some much needed sleep. Only Sunday was I able to dive into the bed. Needless to say, it was a great weekend and of course I had a Wedding to do, as most Saturdays.

So, after every Wedding, I find some product that I am obsessed with for the next couple of weeks, and that product for me this week was... my oh so wonderful Kabuki brush. Most Kabuki brushes I have tried, I have ditched because it was either hard as a hair brush, or it just shed like crazy. So when I was in New York a few weeks ago, I was convinced to by this little charm, and boy was were they right. It was a true charm.
It wasn't amazingly small compared to other Kabuki Brushes but I did notice it was lighter. Made with real goat hair, this brush is amazingly soft and fine. This brush fit in all the places I needed to; under the eyes,around the noses, and pretty much every nook and cranny. I loved how amazingly delicate it was on the skin, and even had my mother glancing, like she should own one ;-). HA. Love it.
So with that said here is my little beauty, that I'm sure I will be in love with for a long while...

Kabuki Large Cosmetic Brush, Royal Brush,

(If you cannot find this brush, feel free to try other Kabuki's. But make sure it is real hair, and soft to the touch)
- Kelley D. Woods

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nars Holiday Collection 2008

Metallic tones, and shimmering expressions!

-Kelley D. Woods

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mac Cosmetics - New. "RED" SHE SAID: Holiday Colour

I Dare you.
Be Seen
MAC's new Holiday Collection, is bold and sultry! Smokey eyeys paired with cherry red lips scream siren.

MAC: "The retro-starlet allure of Hollywood glamour, with a modern twist. A season where lips connive, then confess in shades of provocative holiday reds. Party season and passions flare! "Red" She Said, and no one could resist her..."

I dare you! Check out some of these looks...

MAC Cosmetics, "RED" She Said,

- Kelley D. Woods

SCS Beauty Buzz: POP Beauty 'Cat Eyes'

POP Beauty Cat Eyes:

3 Custom Color: Partnering with ADA to Raise Awareness for Diabetes

In honor of Diabetes Awareness Month this November, we are proud to introduce TAI™ Lip Shine, a sheer burnished copper with flecks of bronze shimmer and lots of shine, which Trae personally created for Celebrity Hair Stylist Diane Da Costa and Diane’s clients of every skin tone.
We will be donating 20% of the proceeds of the sales of TAI™ Lip Shine to the American Diabetes Association (ADA) during the months of November and December. Funds will be used to support the ADA’s efforts in contributing to diabetes research, information, and advocacy.
TAI™ Lip Shine is available for $19.50. In an effort to raise as much for the ADA as possible, we encourage you to “share the love” and order 3 with free shipping (enter TAI at checkout). They make great gifts!

About the American Diabetes AssociationThe ADA is the nation's premier voluntary health organization supporting diabetes research, information and advocacy. The Association's mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. Founded in 1940, the Association provides services to hundreds of communities across the country. For more information please call 800-DIABETES (800-342-2383) or visit
TAI Lip Shine, 3 Custom Color,
-Kelley D. Woods

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 Beauty Buzz! : Great Skin for All

Check out my review..Great Skin for
Credit: Review and Illustration by Kelley Epps-Woods

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Artist Summit with The Powder Group..

I'm just getting back from a weekend with the Powder Group, and I have to let you know about this wonderful team! The Powder Group produces the best Classes, Seminars, Summits, and just about anything makeup, from the The Makeup Show, to The American Beauty Tour, Evolution and The Artist Summit.

The Powder Group was founded by the genius, Michael DeVellis, a 14 year veteran of the makeup artist industry. Based in New York he made the Powder Group, which is made up of a collective of beyond talented Makeup Artist and beauty phenoms that spans the makeup artist industry and the globe. The artists and presenters are working experts from the areas of film, television, theater, fashion and editorial. The seminars, lectures, workshops and special events cover every area of makeup artistry.

This weekend the Powder Group brought to us The Artist Summit!








Besides spending way too much on brushes, makeup, and everything but the billboards HA!, I found the Artist Summit, a total asset to the Artist Community. Since when did some of the world's greatest makeup artist want to share and show little ol' me ;-), and other Artist, whether inexperienced or Pros, great information about the Industry.
When I first started makeup I was hoping someone would share their tips, tricks of the trade, and how to's. But little did I know, not too many were willing to share their knowledge. So, when I discovered the Powder Group, and attended my first seminar, I couldn't believe that such a group would exist to teach Artist of all levels, what they know, how they did it, and how to get there. Since when?! Just watching, and hearing their passion pour out as much as the foundation on their palette, was unbelievable.
I will always support the Powder Group, because what they give to the artist community is invaluable. The boat load of expertise, and knowledge from the Artist such as Billy B., James Vincent, Eve Pearl, Kevin J. Bennett, and totally the 'man' Michael DeVellis to name a few, is priceless!

some of the PRESENTERS at The Artist Summit

The amazing, multi Emmy Award winner, Kevin-James Bennett in action! He is also, U.S Director of Artistry and Development at Makeup Forever. Kevin's energy made me want to run a marathon! lol

The amazing and (hair cut twin) Viktorija Bowers. It was so great to meet Vik. Putting a face behind her amazing work, and to also know that she is also so down to earth.

Last but not least, Eve Pearl. Eve is five-time Emmy Award winner, and celebrity makeup artist. She’s the Key makeup artist and frequent on-air guest for The View, with Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones and Joy Behar as well as the Key on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. She has her own product line, Eve Pearl, which will be having a Grand Opening in November. Thanks for the invite Ms. Pearl!
Candid after Viktorija's session (l-r) Kim Reyes, session Model, Viktorija Bowers, Victoria Stiles, Me

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Check out for my How To- Smokey Eye for Day

For those who may inquire or are challenged in the area of doing eye makeup, check out my How-To at

HowTo: Beauty How-To. Creating a Smokey Eye For Day

Credit: Illustration by Kelley D. Woods

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NARS New Collection - 'Jungle Red'

Nars celebrates with the release of 'The Woman' witih the exclusive Jungle Red Set!

Nars says, The exclusive collection creates timeless, Hollywood glamour with Jungle Red Nail polish, Jungle Red lipstick, and Jungle Red Lip liner.
Think Joan Crawford, circa 1938.

Upon my first glance, all I could say was wow! I totally thought old Hollywood Glamour, when ladies were 'ladie's and wore nothing but the finest. Even of course their makeup was glamorous. This is what Nars created when taking it back in time.
I think this is still classic. It will make the blandest face look sleek and sophisticated once applied.
This may definitely be one for the collection.

Jungle Red, Nars Cosmetics ($65)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 Beauty Buy!! : Three Custom Color for the Cause: TAI™ Lip Shine

'Beauty Buy': Three Custom Color for the Cause: TAI™ Lip Shine

Bobbi Brown for Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness is a serious matter. If you don't have someone in your family directly affected by Breast Cancer, you could know a neighbor, a friend, or even someone at work that my be affected it. It affects us all, and it is to not be taken lightly. I highly support Breast Cancer research, and hope you will too..
In support of Breast Cancer there are many cosmetic companies bringing awareness, and one in particular is Bobbi Brown.
Source: Bobbi has created this exclusive, limited-edition set featuring Pink Quartz Glitter Lip Gloss and Tulle Lip Color. Pink Quartz is a pale silvery pink that works beautifully with our popular Tulle, a soft pink. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the Pink Ribbon Collection will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Help us make a difference. Enjoy Free Standard Shipping with any order that includes the NEW Pink Ribbon Collection. Enter offer code at checkout*: PINK08*Offer code required. One time use. Valid only on 9/29/08-10/31/08 (midnight ET or while supplies last).

DC Wedding Makeup Artist | Wedding Season; Od' to my fav Beauty Products...

With only a few Weddings left for the year, and the slowing season before the Holidays, I wanted to reflect back on a few of my dear beauty products that have survived with me through the year..
They are tried and true, and they have not failed me. I love a good product, and I will be loyal to them, as they are loyal to me..

So with that said, I give an award to my MAC Pressed Blot Powder $20. This instantly mattifies the face after the foundation is blended and ready to be set. It is great for touch ups after the face is blotted with blotting papers, and doesn't add any noticeable color or texture.

Next is my La Mer Hydrating Infusion $95 , This treatment saturates the skin lots of hydration, smoothness and conditioning. It prepares it to receive and boost the transformational benefits of moisturizer. I love how it plumps up the skin, and gives it a silky, smooth finish.

And last but not least is Nars Blush ($25). They have the best coverage and pigment and some of the most beautiful colors. A must are Nars Orgasm, and Taj Mahal!

MAC Blot Powder ($20), , La Mer Hydrating Infusion ($95), Nars Blush ($25)

-Kelley D. Woods

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My wish list: Christian Louboutin & Alexander McQueen..

Okay, so I'm checking out a post from Blog for the Fall Trend Alert on Boots. So I see what I thought was heaven in a boot! Oh my, Christian Loboutin Babel Leather Boots are so fabulous! How Classic are they! A nice silhouette of a boot with such form, and of course its signature red soles, against the bold black color. How sleek.

But catch the outfit its paired with. Can you see a stroll through the Hamptons on a chilly Sunday afternoon? The sophistication of the Alexander McQueen bag against such a casual outfit is brilliant. How brilliant.

Dear Boot Angel: "..Please, deliver to my door step... "

- Kelley D. Woods