Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DiorShow Extase | DC Makeup Artist | DC EYELASH EXTENSIONS

If anyone knows me you know I am about Dior Mascara. I am a mascara junkie and nothing has pulled me away from my Dior Show BlackOut, and I have tried alot. I have the skimpiest lashes, and it's nothing like rich,lush lashes that have some major volume and curl.

So, yesterday I happened to walk myself on in to Sephora, to do a little browsing and pick up a few things, and I noticed a new mascara from Dior. The rep said it wasn't suppose to be out on the shelves yet, but she pulled one out for me. Of course I'm hesitant to try anything new, hoping not to get converted to something else, because my loyalty is so strong. But, without hesitation I gave this new mascara a try, and all I have to say is 'Oh my'!.. Dior's new mascara, DiorShow Extase Mascara, is trying to pull my leg..

What was so different about this mascara, Well, It did the same thing for my lashes as DiorShow Blackout, except this one gave me a little more length and curl. The mascara claims to plump lashes from the inside out, and can wear this alone or with other Dior mascaras.I found the formula was a tad lighter than DiorShow Blackout, and didn't clump as much. I loved the head on the brush, and overall I found it a wonderful mascara.

What it does: DiorShow Extase provides built-in treatment benefits and high-impact lashes in a single stroke! The spherical-shaped Black Pearl Pigments create a 3D volume effect and the exclusive Metamorphosis Powders expand in size by up to 50% after application. Also, SR38 Patented Ceramid brings additional care, reconstructing damaged lashes and promoting stronger and fuller lashes.

What else you need to know:The Extase mascara features a "Tiered Brush" that is inspired by the "tiered" couture dresses created by the House of Dior. The brush is designed for performance and contains an Exclusive Duo of Fibers: The Black Elastomer Fibers brush out and define the lashes for panoramic fringe and the Gold Nylon Fibers hold and deposit formula, generously coating each lash for outstanding volume

So was I converted? , I won't say I'm ditching my BlackOut, but I may use both of these on a daily basis. Let's just say I have added a new mascara to my collection.

We love!

EYELASH EXTENSIONS OFFERED by Kelley Woods... see !!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Photos! Makeup by Kelley Woods | DC Makeup Artist

It's been a while since I have done a photo shoot, with so much that has been going on this year. But, I was able to sqeeze one in with the fabulous Alexey, and model Kaylie... This time I did makeup/ and hair, and was able to have a little creative freedom. However, she was a natural beauty, so I kept it basic ;)

Here goes...

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sam Fine Graces DC... | DC Makeup Artist

Before I even got into makeup Mr. Sam Fine was a staple name in my vocabulary. He was everything I knew about makeup. I would just sit in my room and study his books, mesmerized in how did he get those brows? , how did he achieve such flawless skin? Not to mention, the many faces I have seen in Essence Magazine... Well, this past weekend I got to meet Mr. Sam at his DVD Launch in DC and, Sam Fine is fine.. Fine in personality, style, and of course that contagious smile.

The day was filled with of course, Q&A.. .and lots of laughs from Mr. Sam... how did I not know he was so funny... stitches!... and of course a demo on what he does best..Faces!..and One word... Fab!... Of course, we all held our breaths and he made us, because the last step was his signature brows... and oh boy... My mouth was just open... Nothing compares to the brows this man does!

Needless, here are a few pics from the day... and he was able to give me that 'fall in love' smile..! Gotta love him...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Makeup Artist | Bridal Beauty: Before and After

Its been a while since I posted some hot makeovers. Well this weekend, I worked with a Bride who has actually already been married, but was taking Bridal pics again. So, this was her time to get extra glammed for her new photos. I already thought she was beautiful and couldn't wait to see what we could create. Well..... here she goes!

Here's a little inside to what I used on her:
For Face I used
Black Opal Stick Foundation, and MAC Blot Loose Powder (can't live without this!)
On her Eyes, I used
Yaby's Neutral Palette, with MAC Brown Down in Crease.
I lined the eyes with
FACE Stockholm Liner Pen (love love love!), and used a set of side lashes
For cheeks,
NARS Love Joy Blush, and Givenchy Bronzer Powder used to highlight and contour.
For lips,
DIOR's Linen Beige Gloss was used, over lipstick,

In the end, she loved it!

Kelley Epps-Woods

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cleansing On-The-Go

We have all dreaded that late night cleansing!.. There are several nights I reached for baby wipes in hopes of atleast getting part of the days grime off... Needless, I had to upgrade from baby wipes and get a little more sophisticated ;) lol... So, with that.. here are some of my favorite cleansing wipes and solutions, so you too will not reach for the baby wipes.. (Ha! I still secretly do sometimes... shhhhhh)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Makeup Artist | Sam Fine giving us The Basic of Beauty; DVD

For as long as I can remember, Sam has been one of the leading makeup artist I have been following. Everything about Sam is fine...
His Work, His Attitude, His Ethic, and His Poise. Sam has got it all. With a copy of all of his books, I have spent many of nights buried in them. So I am so pleased to see the release of his DVD! From the preview clips it looks like Sam is putting it all for us to see in it. How great is that. Just starting in makeup?, Brushing up your craft?, Need to learn how to apply foundation correctly ?, get those eyebrows just right ?

You need to run.. No Click as soon as possible on Amazon, and get his DVD, SAM FINE MAKEUP DVD:THE BASIC OF BEAUTY!

Speaking of Mr. Fine..
Watch this beautiful Video with Iman, and Iman Cosmetics

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Makeup Artist | It's About That Time! The Makeup Summit; Miami & Chicago

It's almost time for The Artist Summit Miami & Chicago ! For pro makeup artist, aspiring makeup artist, and even veterans, this Summit is for you! I attended my first Summit a few years ago in New York and it was the best time ever. Can I just say that Mr. Michael DeVellis greeted me at the door! ..Who does that?! Him of course, because he's just that great...Okay, anyways, if you ever wanted to know the inside to the industry this is the place to ee. Not only are there the industry's leading artist teaching you what they know, but you get to network with other artist, and what else........wait for it......... shop!.. umm hmm.. Yes, the industry's leading Brands will be there to serve you up your fix of makeup sensation.

Please, don't ask what I bought last time... No comment.

Needless to say, get there! The Makeup Summit Miami Oct 3-5, and Chicago Oct 10-12.


The Artist Summit is three day artist program for those in the professional makeup artist and beauty industries. The program consists of three days of artist events including seminars, hands-on workshops, panel forums, evening events and The Summit Shop - a unique pro-focused retail environment.

An opening event on the evening of the first day of the Summit will also be a part of the program. Over the three days of the event attendees will have access to over 75 makeup and beauty related educational and career building events.

The Artist Summit Miami will take place from October 3-5, 2009
Miami Beach Convention Center - education hall B
1901 convention center drive
Miami Beach FL enter Washington Avenue entrance

The Artist Summit Chicago will take place from October 10-12, 2009
River East Art Center
435 E Illinois St
Chicago, IL

The Artist Summit education program runs from 9:00AM - 6:30PM Sunday and Monday
The Summit Shop is open Saturday 4:00PM-7:00PM and from 10:00AM - 6:00PM Sunday and Monday
Career and Industry Night at The Artist Summit will be held at The Summit Shop on Saturday from 4:00PM - 7:00PM

The Artist Summit is open to professionals in the makeup and beauty industries including all freelance artists, retail and salon artists, students of makeup or beauty related curriculum, cosmetics executives and retail managers, buyers and retail shop owners, and so on.

Students currently enrolled in a school receive 50% off any listed rate. Call our 866.876.9337 number to register.

CAREER NIGHT $65.00 *(Free for All Summit Passholders)
Meet agencies, industry business experts, brand owners and artists who can help push your career to the next level. Shop The Summit Shop. Provides access to Summit Opening Reception.

Provides attendees the opportunity to attend all seminars, forums and keynotes. Provides access to participation in hands-on workshops, which are at an additional fee of $95 per workshop. Provides access to Career Night and Summit Opening Reception.

Provides attendees the opportunity to attend all seminars, forums and keynotes. Provides access to participation in hands-on workshops, which are at an additional fee of $95 per workshop. Provides access to Career Night and Summit Opening Reception and Closing Night Party.

Provides attendees the opportunity access to all seminars forums and keynotes. Includes two hands-on workshops. Additional workshops would be at the rate of $95 per workshop. Provides access to Career Night, Opening Night Reception, Sunday Sponsor Reception and Closing Night Party.

Day One:
Makeup 101 - Full-day Intro to Makeup Artistry
Space is limited to 20 attendees
Space is limited to 20 attendees
Career Night & Opening of The Summit Shop
Art Center Open Studio and Summit Reception

Day Two:
Opening Keynote
The Summit Shop Open
Full-day of Education
Closing Keynote
Evening event

Day Three:
Opening Keynote
The Summit Shop Open
Full-day of Education
Closing Keynote Panel
Closing night event

*included workshops do not include makeup 101 or Styling 101 full-day workshops

Friday, September 25, 2009

Makeup Artist | New York Fashion Week Backstage: Baby Phat and Nanette Lapor

I'm long overdue and between traveling and clients realized I have not recaped New York Fashion Week. NYFW was exhausting and exhilarating all in one and I must must must give you the recap from the shows. This year, as Beauty Writer reported for Second City Style, for the Baby Phat Show and Nanette Lepore.

Check out Kelley Backstage at New York Fashion Week '10: Nanette Lapore

Can I say Kimora's Show was more than stellar. With a front row seat at The Renaissance Hotel Inglot Cosmetics Party with Felicia from ThisThatBeauty, and The Powder Group team, I couldn't ask for a better viewing, after the wrap up coverage from backstage.

Check out Kelley Backstage at New York Fashion Week '10: Baby Phat

Kelley Epps-Woods

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | New York Fashion Week and Other News...

I have been distant from my Blog, and feel so bad.. But, this month has been really hectic. I have some wonderful opportunities brewing, and New York Fashion Week being one. I will be reporting as Beauty Editor for Second City Style at #NYFW. I'll be in NY next week Monday -Wednesday, and can't wait to connect with my beauty blogger friends (ThisThatBeauty, hey!), and fellow makeup artist.

I also have a some exciting news for Monday with my client Dr. Ro, and can't wait to announce... So never the less, next week is jammed packed, and I'm gearing up...

I'lll be reporting to you via Second City Style, and right here on at The Makeup Loft.

Also, if in NY, and I know DC is also supporting, Check out Fashion Night Out with the local retailers.

(Source: In the United States, American Vogue has joined with NYC & Company, the City of New York, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America to enliven again the consumer spirit that churns the economy and boosts the local industry of America’s fashion capital, New York City. Next only to finance, fashion is the second-largest sector of industry in New York City—the headquarters of more than 800 fashion companies employing 175,000 people and generating $10 billion in total wages. At City Hall’s May 20 press conference to announce Fashion’s Night Out, Vera Wang said, "To put it bluntly, if people don’t shop, people lose their jobs."

The first evening of New York Fashion Week, Fashion's Night Out will encompass festivities galore— from inventive window displays to model and celebrity appearances. Champagne may flow; hors d'oeuvres may be passed. Rumors of musical performances, downtown barbecues, shoe capsules, limited-edition rings, and sweepstakes abound. Apparently there will be makeovers, brow bars, and haircut stations at sundry spots, too.

Okay, if you are reading this Blog, who's gonna be there?! If you are let's connect...!

Monday, August 31, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | MAC Behind the Scenes! Testing M.A.C. Makeup for Fashion Week

Wanna know how they get the looks for New York Fashion Week? What will be hot for the season? Then take a look at this article on MAC Behind the Scenes.

This is one of the most interesting article I have seen regarding the makeup process for New York Fashion Week. As I gear up for Fashion Week, I can't help but get caught up in the tweets, news, and articles. Just wanted to share the article for those attending and those who, heck, just love makeup.. Enjoy!

MAC Behind the Scenes! Testing M.A.C. Makeup for Fashion Week

Saturday, August 29, 2009

DC Wedding Makeup Artist | Bridal Beauty

After a month and a half break, I am back to doing Weddings! It was so refreshing to be back and doing what I love. I had a beautiful Wedding at the Grand Hyatt today. A party total of 7.
The bride was naturally gorgeous, so her face was a playground. When I first had the trial with her, I had just received alot of beauty goodies, that I was dying to try, from Rock and Republic, La Praire, Estee Lauder, and others. And the products worked out beautifully.

Amazing Products, Happy Bride!

So, just what did I use...
For Skin : Makeup Forever Mat Velvet Foundation,
MAC Loose Blot Powder
Cheeks: Nars Orgasm, Rock and Republic 'Spank'
Eyes: Estee Lauder Eyeliner in Coffee on bottom, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner 'Black' - on top
Side lashes, Estee Lauder Eyeshadows - Vanilla, and Copper in crease
Lips: MAC Whirl Lip Pencil; and MAC Hug Me Lipstick
Bare Minerals Bronzer; as well as Givenchy Sun Bronzer
Below: (c-cc) Nars Orgasm Blush, MAC Blot Powder, Givenchy Sun Bronzer, Rock and Republic Blush 'Spank', Makeup Foreover Mat Velvet, Estee Lauder Eye Shadow in 'Copper', and MAC Whirl Lip Pencil

Friday, August 28, 2009

Makeup Artist | Armani gives us Smokey! Eyes to Kill Palette

As a makeup artist I love a good smokey eye. But, when one thinks of smokey I they think dark browns, and blacks. However, a smokey eye can be actually created with any color,and that's why I am loving Armani's new Smokey Eye Shadows, Eyes to Kill Palette.

How genius and gorgeous. For those of you who are challenged when it comes to creating a smokey eye, you will be happy to know that these shadows come with coordinating colors to create the perfect eye.

Still need help? Give your girl a call and we can make that smokey eye happen!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Makeup Artist | Beauty Drugstore Finds on a Dime!

I know we all hit up the drugstore for our makeup fix! It's not all about the $ 25 dolloar mascara's and pricey foundations. There are great finds at the drugstore, and I'm sharing some of mine.. Indulge! Drugstore Finds on a Dime

Monday, July 13, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | Rock and Republic Cosmetics Buzz!

As you know my new fab find is Rock and Republic Cosmetics! Yep that's right.. The company that brings to us fab jeans, has as well a fab Cosmetic Line. The packaging is to die for, and the actual product is the icing on the cake.
Highly pigmented and beautiful colors.

Check out my review at Second City Style!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | More New Fashion & Beauty Work

Hey guys, wanted to share some more photos with you from a recent shoot here in DC with one of my fav photographers Josh Marks and the amazing Ms. Missy. This was a great shoot, and I used alot of my fab new products including Givenchy's Bronzer, Rock and Republic blush, and my OCC Lip Tars. Yes, they all rawk, and I had a great time using them. Enjoy !

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | Back in Action! Latest Beauty Shoot..

I have been away for a while and have neglected my blog, but I'm back and with good reason. I have been trying to get back into shooting, as well as my beauty work. I haven't done a beauty/editorial shoot in so long I had to get back into my love.

Plus, I had to try out some of my new products. Which is why I can't wait to rave about the products I used on one of my past shoot.

This is a beautiful model I shot a few weeks ago who had amazing skin, and hte most adorable freckles. I didn't want to hide them so I will take you through the steps on how I got the sheerest coverage possible.

First,I have to tell you how much in love I am with OCC Lip Tars. (used on lips). Amazing pigment, and coverage I only had to use a little! The OCC lip tar used on her was Melange. A gorgeous darker/ nude peach.
For her skin I used my beloved Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and barely had to use any, because her skin was so gorgeous. On top, I set with HD Powder. I love HD.
On her cheeks I used Rock and Republic blush in Spank, a beautiful pinky/ peach matte blush. Can I say I am in love with it.
Brows were groomed, filled, and set with Brow Gel. Eyes were kept bare with a few side lashes, and Givenchy Mascara.


Watcha think of the look ? Please, send your feedback and comments or questions! Thanks

Til next time.
Image: Josh Marks

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's All About The Nails!

I have to admit, I have been a little bitter with the summer and this rain! ..I mean I'm spending more time in rain boots, than my 'oh so lovely' sandals.
Can we get a break so we can atleast break out the toes and fresh mani's for the pool?
I'm not deterred though, I am still on appointments for my pedicures. I am a sucker for a great polish, and the summer always brings the prettiest. From pastels, to brights, to neutrals, there are colors for everyone..
Check out some of my favorite polishes, at Second City Style!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Glow like Kim Kardashian! -Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics

I totally remember when I first got into makeup, and because I didn't have that many foundations, and had to make do with what I had.. Making do was mixing 2 or 3 foundations to get the correct matching, or mixing lipstick shades to get that marvelous red that I wanted.
That changed over time, even though I still mix, because I now have more of a supply. Okay a huge supply, but that's a different story.
Needless to say I was thrilled when I heard about Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics. It took me back to the years, when all I did was custom blend. Giella has everything though. I was quit amazed. Located at Henri Bendal in NY this dream of a line, can custom blend you anything from foundation, to your discontinued lipstick, to nail polish. Yes, nail polish.

You can also see one of my favorites, b-dazzle eyeshadows used here on Kim Kardashian, by Mario Dedivanovic (Giella B-Dazzle eyeshadow used in the inner corners of eye)
Love it!... I would go beyond and say you can perfectly highlight cheekbones, bride of nose and temples. So heavenly.

Another fav is her Matte Powder. This transluscent powder does the trick. It mattifies and gives the skin a nice smooth finish. A little goes a long way!

Find more of her amazing products at

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm Wanting... Nars Bridal Palette | Makeup Artist

Okay, I have to say..I have missed the past Bridal Palettes, but every time a new one comes out I am inclined to buy.. Why you say? I love that Nars creates palettes especially for Brides. Meaning it will include some of the most flattering, universal color for Brides.
I love that this palette comes with the ever so popular NARS Orgasm Blush. That is one of my staple blushes for Brides.
This versatile palatte has it all. Some of the most beautiful shadows ranging from beige to dark violet (can you see that violet in the crease! oh boy)... Three gorgeous pink lip colors, face highlighter, and our beloved Nars Orgasm blush.
I want to say this is a great palette for everyday as well. You can go neutral or go glam all in one palette..
I must go out and pick this up.. and you can too at NARS Bridal Palette $65

Dr. Ro's Sugar Shea Collection!

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ro several times, and most recently on the View, but I also got to use some of her Products from her signature line - Dr. Ro Bath & Body Therapy Collection, and can I say amazing!

Her Sugar Shea Collection smells like butter cake, and is so rich. The 'so good for you' ingredients and scent smell good enough to eat! But, please don't!

The sugar smoothie créme contains apricot kernel and grape seed oils and mango and shea nut butter. Indulge in the deliciously sweet aroma of vanilla, grapefruit and orange, and sugar cane extract. Can you say yum! Well I did..

Try some of her many products at I'm telling you they are amazing.

Friday, May 29, 2009

back from 'The View' in NY

I can say I am well rested, and back in action from my wonderful few days in NY. As you know, one of my clients, is being featured on 'The View' to whip Sherri into shape.
This was the second taping of several more, that I have done, but this last one was different. I actually went to ABC Studios to do this on.The day started off beautiful, in the hotel room for makeup prep, and then heading over to the Studios to do the taping. Can I say a little surreal, Yeah it was, when Sherri Shepard just comes in an out of our room, and Joy Behar just chats it up in the green room.

It was such a great experience, and can't wait to do it again in a few weeks.
Here are a few pics from the day...


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Client Siting...on 'The View'

Hi guys, I have been so m.i.a... I know.. I've been pretty busy with Wedding season, but I cannot complain. Of course you know I have been working with some great new products, that I must share.

But, before I get to that, one of my biggest highlights for this week is my clients taping on 'The View' this week . This is the 2nd of several tapings, but I am really looking forward to it.

Shuttle leaves today at 6:30, and can you believe I will only be taking one bag! Yes, I'm not playing with the airline. Makeup and clothes, all making it in one bag. Nevertheless, I'll be back in tomorrow afternoon, and I can't wait to share the pics with you when I get back.

In other news, I was so excited to receive my Skindinavia Finishing Spray in the mail . I had originally started using this when I stumbled upon it in a department store. But, I fell so in love with it, I went for a quest to find every bottle they had. I ended up with 3 bottles, and found 3 more later. But, I absolutely love this stuff. It works like a charm. If you want your makeup to stay on all day, want a smooth finish to your makeup, or even have problems with oiliness Skindinavia is the line! You bet I will be using it for the taping, I so love it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's on Its Way.. MAC Naked Honey Launch!

Calling all inner Queen's, Cleopatra's , and Egyptian's!
Now I saw this some time ago, and wondered when it was gonna launch.. Well I hear it's soon! Naked Honey will be launching : June 11, 2009 (North America) and July 2009 (International) at MAC stores, counters and
Please check the lipglass in 'She's a Star'.. How gorgeous...Can you say, staple in my kit! Oh yes..