Sunday, February 21, 2010

BRIDAL SHOOT Product Peek! | DC Makeup Artist

It's not rare that I will share what products I used on a shoot..I'm always trying great products, and would like to share certain products that I use. Besides, its no fun to eat a great casserole, and not know what's in it ;). Brides and bridal shoots are my favorite, because its the time when you are trying to enhance their beauty the most. You definitely don't want to take away from any of their features, you just want to enhance... So here is some of the products used to achieve the look of the model above.
For Bridal shoots, I like to use an array of foundations, however I love working with Makeup Forever Foundations. Not only are the budge-proof, but they give a beautiful finish. Stay put makeup is definitely key for bridal:

On top, I like to use a blot powder like MAC's Loose Blot Powder
For eyes, waterproof and smudge proof is key, so I like to use Urban Decay's 24/7 Eye Liner, or MAC's Powerpoints. Any waterproof mascara will do but I do like to use Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara.
For eye shadows, I like to layer with a great holding base, and use my favorite palette by YABY COSMETICS. Love love love this palette.
For cheeks, I like Nars blushes, like Love Joy, Taj Mahal, Orgasm, or MAC's Slave to Love and Raizen.
For lips anything goes, but you definitely want something that wears good, and doesn't have much transfer. I like to use a stay put lipstick first and then layer lightly with a shiny gloss just in the center like Nars Glosses, or Dior glosses. Favorite Nars glosses include, Dolce Vita, and Orgasm.
To to the look off in areas that need highlighting and bronzing, I use Givenchy's Bronzer where needed.

These are just some of the products I use, but use many many more depending on client. These were some of the products use for the look above, give or take a few products..

If you have any questions, regarding any products, or recommendations please let me know


arTIAstry :: Makeup Artistry by TIA said...

Kelley I'm over here making a list of the products that I need to buy. Thanks alot! There goes my "no makeup shopping until May" binge. She looks flawlessly beautiful. *sigh* One day...

Face Mode said...

Thanks Tia! Let me know if you need some more must haves..

These are some of the products I use most on brides, but have other goodies as well..
let me know

chimebere said...

love the makeovers!(

Kelley Woods Makeup said...

thanks chimebere!