Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sibu Beauty's Super Berry!

Due to my hectic lifestyle, I can say I'm not the most nutritious person, but I do try to watch what I eat, take my supplements, and stay on an active workout regimen. Sometimes supplements are easiest to take if I need a quick burst of energy, or just to feel over all good.
So, I was excited when I was introduced by my client to Sibu Beauty, a premium sea buckthorn berry-based beauty and wellness products. We had been discussing working out, and supplements and she mentioned Sibu's Sea buck thorn liquid supplement, and how great it made her feel, so I had to try.

Sibu Beauty is a global leader of premium sea bucktrhorn berry -based nutritional and personal care products. Sea buckthorn berry, is a bright orange berry that grows in cooler climates and can be found high in the Himalayan Mountains. The berry produces over 190 bio-active compounds and is full of Omegas 3,6 and 9. It's also rich in the most elusive essential fatty acids, Omega-7 that keeps free radicals at bay and proves vital to the production of collagen.

So what does this berry do for us? As natural fatty acids aid in, this berry has the ability to improve hair, nail and skin tone/texture, your digestive wellness and promote healthy aging.

Did it help my lack luster skin, and improve my hair, nails and skin tone? Well after taking it for a month, I can say that I did feel alot better. It definitely improved my energy, and I did notice my nails were alot stronger. My skin did look radiant, but I was also using the Sea Buckthorn Facial Cream and the Eye Cream, that I felt detoxed and plumped my skin.

In all, Sibu Beauty products are amazing. I have never heard of this little berry, but it packs a huge punch, and my body noticed.

Sidu Beauty can be purchased at SibuBeauty.com

Disclaimer: Product samples were received for review.

Kelley Woods, Beauty Editor

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