Friday, August 15, 2008


So, I do have a fascination with candles, and yes, they are everywhere, in my home.
There is something wonderfully marvelous about a candle that can totally make me happy!

Wherever I may be winding down, I will light a candle , and totally fall into peace and relaxation.
However, I don't just like any ol' Candle. But nope, I'm not the fancy dancy type that has to have the $100 dollar candle. I may just settle for the $2.99 candle, but you betcha it will smell good.

I found some current finds at Ikea, that were regulary $4.95, that were on sale for $1.00. Yep, I racked up!

 Now i'm on a new obsession, and that is with Diptyque Candles. Diptyque fragrances have been the well-kept secret of the royal, diplomatic and fashion elite since the company began in Paris in 1961. Diptyque’s exclusive and original home fragrances combine the finest all-natural ingredients, resulting in rich aromas that are pure and fresh, yet complex and intriguing.

These candles can be found and fine deparment stores, as well as boutiques, and will be sure to have any area within reach smelling of the rich aroma.
These are on my current wishlist, and think I will take a trip down to the local BlueMercury store, that have a sample at all of the scents. Some may not be able to swallow at the price, but I'm totally all over them!
If you have tried Diptyque, let me know which scent you like best !

Diptyque Candles $55, Neiman Marcus

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Anonymous said...

man, so I went into my local Blue Mercury, and I got in there and starting smelling all of the candles, and couldnt decide!!

Now some just didnt float my boat, but alot did..

and I messed up when I went over to Trucco's candles..!