Thursday, August 14, 2008

.. my newest find ; Wet N' Wild..

Running into CVS, for a quick swap of something remotely neutral for a client Engagement Photo Shoot, I run into this fabulous find.
I heard someone mention this gloss before, but of course I never gave it a try, until I was almost desperate.
So, looking for something cheap and deliverable for a quick fix, I happend to pick up this Wet n Wild Gloss in Brazen Berry, that looked like a nice sheer color. So I purchased it.
Like always, I sample the products before I try them on my client and I was amazed by this product.

The gloss was really sheer and the best of all it was not sticky. It had a nice berry color that you could actually see, but did not scream with color.

Even though I can really do without a scent to my gloss, this scent was not boring, and actually smelled pretty good. It is ultra glossy so a little goes along way.

The color looked exactly like I had imagined on my client, so of course I was a happy camper.

I had to go back the next day and pick one up for myself! This will definitely be a staple in the kit for a 'quick fix' neutral.

Thanks Wet N' Wild!
Wet N' Wild Brazen Berry $2.99, CVS

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elle denise said...

Wet & Wild?! W-O-W. I haven't worn that since middle school! LOL... Who'da thunk it?! Glad they're keeping up w/ the "Gloss Game" tho. I'll make it my business to check it out...!