Friday, January 2, 2009

FaceMode Spotlight at Armin DeFiesta Blog

Happy New Year everyone!
Yes, the presents are unwrapped, and we have somehow made or have not made our Resolutions, but the new year is here! I don't usually make any resolutions, I just let life lead. I'm just glad to have life, and being able to do what I love... 

As a start to a great new year...I wanted to thank the wonderful photographer Armin at, for Spotlighting FaceMode Brides on his blog! I know this is going to be an exciting year for FaceMode..

Check out the post here at Armin DeFiesta Blog..

Kelley Epps-Woods


Opé - Style Artist said...


Face Mode said...

thank you Ope!... You know I have my eye on you this year ;-)

Armin DeFiesta said...

Thanks for the blog love Kelley!