Monday, January 5, 2009

Dc Wedding Makeup Artist | Weddings are in the Air! Makeup Essentials..

Weddings are in the air, and engagements are fresh from the Holidays, and I am sure getting ready for Wedding Season. I'm gearing up all of my essentials for the season, as well as get my schedule in gear..

Speaking of essentials, there are a few products I shared with you before, that I love for Weddings, and I did want to highlight a few more...

One of my favorites for Brides is the Bobbi Brown Gel Liners. They are absolutely wonderful. They are ultra smooth to apply, and has great staying power. Yes, it is enough for the nonstop crying Bride! I have had one... lol
Do you have favorites you like to use on Brides? What are you favorites?... I have more coming!..
Next would be my Ardell Lashes.. Love them! I sometimes double up to give extra glam.. but they never let me down.

For Cheeks I love Nars Blushes. They are very pigmented, but can be sheered out nicely. Some of my favorite colors are Taj Mahal, and Nars Orgasm.

Next would be my Makeup Forever Aqua Lip Liners! I use these as the liner, and blend all the way into the lip. I then would put a light lipgloss or color, just for shine. This has staying power like no other liners!

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I used Nars Orgasm on this Bride... the perfect peach pink, to tone down the pink in her cheeks but still give her naturally flushed glow..

What are you some of your favorite products for Brides? Are there some you can't live without? Share your comments.

Kelley Epps-Woods


what the pros do... said...

No matter what colour suggestions I make just about every bride I do picks Hug Me lipstick from :)

Face Mode said...

Wow.. that's interesting..I'll check that color out..

a run to colors for me are the Viva Glams!

what the pros do... said...

It's just the perfect natural shade for just about everyone :)

Yaby are about the only lip colours I carry now but Hug Me and Glam will always be a staples i think!

Face Mode said...

Im sure gonna check it out..

I'm so happy to see you mentioned Yaby.. I was gonna do a Yaby post.. will soon..

but I haven't checked out the lip color Palettes yet..

Some time ago, I had ordered 3 CS lip Palettes or was it Graftobian, and I never use them :(
Thanks for the info!

what the pros do... said...

haha sorry to bombard your blog with comment but just had to say Yaby lip colours are a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

I seriously dont need to carry any other brands now I have these. They are really pigmented so a little goes along way and they go on beautifully!

Look forward to seeing your Yaby post :)

Face Mode said...

Oh no thats okay because Imma stalk your

I will definitely try the palettes then... I have so many and mixing and matching is so not necessary when I can have just the palettes...

yep i'll be posting that shortly..

im so on it

faithbmakeup said...

That bride looks gorgeous!

Face Mode said...

Thanks Faith!