Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dare To Go Nude: Nude Lipsticks | Second City Style | DC Beauty Editor

Dare to go Nude, you say!... I love a great nude lipstick, and it goes with just about any look. Check out my favorite lipsticks and glosses for the perfect nude look .. Over at Second City Style.com Dare to Go Nude!


TTLOVE218 said...

Hi Kelley! Do you think these would work for WOC with two toned lips?

Kelley Woods Makeup said...

Yes I sure do!.. I would first line with a chocolate pencil..(flesh tone)..and then I would fad that in to the center..then put the Nude color in the middle and blend your lips!

Omg it gives "A la Iman!".. soo beautiful..

Iman sort of has the look on this month's Essence Magazine..