Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DC Makeup Artist | Back in Action! Latest Beauty Shoot..

I have been away for a while and have neglected my blog, but I'm back and with good reason. I have been trying to get back into shooting, as well as my beauty work. I haven't done a beauty/editorial shoot in so long I had to get back into my love.

Plus, I had to try out some of my new products. Which is why I can't wait to rave about the products I used on one of my past shoot.

This is a beautiful model I shot a few weeks ago who had amazing skin, and hte most adorable freckles. I didn't want to hide them so I will take you through the steps on how I got the sheerest coverage possible.

First,I have to tell you how much in love I am with OCC Lip Tars. (used on lips). Amazing pigment, and coverage I only had to use a little! The OCC lip tar used on her was Melange. A gorgeous darker/ nude peach.
For her skin I used my beloved Makeup Forever HD Foundation, and barely had to use any, because her skin was so gorgeous. On top, I set with HD Powder. I love HD.
On her cheeks I used Rock and Republic blush in Spank, a beautiful pinky/ peach matte blush. Can I say I am in love with it.
Brows were groomed, filled, and set with Brow Gel. Eyes were kept bare with a few side lashes, and Givenchy Mascara.


Watcha think of the look ? Please, send your feedback and comments or questions! Thanks

Til next time.
Image: Josh Marks


Naomi Alecia said...

I absolutely love looks like these. The model looks stunning.
I was wondering, how does one get into doing editorial shoots?

Face Mode said...

Thanks Naomi..

As far as shoots (beauty, editoral, etc. ) its best to contact some photographers you would like to work with, and see if you can test with them.. over time you can build your port, and start to work with other photographers you admire..

lemme know if that helps

Naomi Alecia said...

That does help quite a bit. Thank You!

Eronime said...

it's lovely and I think I'm going to have to get some OCC lip tars. My question is, how did you manage to sheer out her foundation like that? I have face atelier, though I've nevr worked on a freckled model. thanks.

Face Mode said...

Hi Eronime..

Thank you so much.. I love the Lip Tars..and that was my first time using it..even though I played with them.. a little goes a long way and I will probably never use a whole tube..

I love face atelier... it would be beautiful on models.. I I didnt really have to do too much sheering just blended blended blended.. you can sheer out though by dampening the sponge or whatever you may use, and sheer it out that way.. It works beautifully...

I had always had problems with heavy foundation and covering freckles so I was glad that I had a sheer enough foundation that worked with me, to keep her freckles showing, without it looking cakey..

eronime said...

thank you, that was helpful. So it's MUFE and face atelier for me then.