Thursday, October 14, 2010

Down to the Wire.. Nutrisystem Week 11/12

It's been an emotional 3 months. I have reclaimed my body, in what I had hoped to do. I didn't lose 20 pounds as of now, However I have lost a considerable amount, and I am happy where I am. Maybe the 20 pounds was unrealistic, but maybe not. I see that I am happy with a 16 pound weight loss, and it looks great on me.

I love the convenience of Nutrisystem, which i'm sure I'll miss most when I depart from the diet. But, it will then be time to incoporate my own eating and recipes and hopefully I end up on a healthy maintenance plan. I can say towards the end I really got a little tired with the food, especially with the lunches. And figuring out creative ways, and new recipes was not working as well as I thought. So, I have been incorporating other foods than Nutrisystem, in some of my meals, just so I won't get even more tired of the food. So, instead of a Nutrisystem dinner, I may eat a big salad, with half a serving of diced chicken, 2 tbsp of low fat bacon, and low fat cheese. Even though it may be a little more calories than a NS Diet, it is satisfying, and not fully caloric or fattening.

Besides, I have to incoporate food this way anyways after I end Nutrisystem, so why not start now. Even though I am not losing like I was originally, I'm not gaining either. I am staying fluctuating between a pound or two of difference. Which means, I may just be able to do a healthy maintenance plan. I am hopeful and encouraged, and will try to keep this up as best I can .

FTC Disclosure: All food, products and material have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of theirNutrisystem 15 program.Statements, views and testimonies given are my own.


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