Monday, November 8, 2010

Signed and Concealed! 6 Of The Best Concealers For Dark Circles | Second City Style

If it's one thing that I have with me at all times, it is a concealer!... Most days I get 'wow, you have such beautiful skin'... "Oh well geez thanks", and thank you concealer! Yes, I must have concealer everyday, to hide the darkness under my eyes, and yes, even to spot conceal. I can make do with just concealer and powder, but I do need all my fixin's... ha!

If we are not getting lines, and wrinkles, we may have bags from a late night, or just hereditary under eye circles that never go away no matter what. So, because I am one of these people,
I have tried many concealers not only for me but for my clients, and have listed some of my favorites. Check out my article on Second City Style Signed and Concealed; 6 of The Best Concealers for Dark Circles!

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