Friday, November 5, 2010

Still getting Skinny! Nutrisystem Week 15

Here I am almost coming up on my month on Nutrisystem, and honestly I didn't think I could do it this long. Yes, I have been replacing some NS Meals with my own, because hey that's what I'm going to have to do when I'm no longer on NS, so it has been working.

I finally weighed myself after not weighing myself for a few weeks, because I just knew I wasn't losing any weight. I had, had a few cheat days, but I had been making a conscious effort to stay on the same calories as I would with NS. However. to my surprise one morning when I stepped on the scale it said I had lost 2 pounds. I thought it was an inaccurate reading so I weighed myself again twice, and to my surprise it said the same thing. I think I was more than excited, especially because I didn't think I would continue to lose, but more so, now I know I can live a healthy diet, of maintaining my proportions, and still lose.

This gave me so much hope for the months to come. As, I finish my NS program, I can say it has really helped me in my lifestyle changes, not only for me, but for my family. I want to live healthy, and I want them to live healthy. The example comes from me first, so I'm on a mission!

FTC Disclosure: All products have been supplied by Nutrisystem as part of their Nutrisystem15 program. Views expressed here are my own.

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