Wednesday, July 30, 2008

..freshen up'

Many of days I have come from the outdoors thinking, geez, I smell like 'outdoors'. It's not the most pleasant thing to smell, when you are heading to a business lunch, or hot date. So, I was thrilled when I flipped through my current Lucky Magazine and spotted Giovanni Cosmetics Organic Biodegradable Towlettes (11.95). The come in great scents such as; Peppermint Surge, Lavender Calm and Grapefruit Splash.

Another great thing is that they come in tiny, individually wrapped packets that are great to toss in your bag, carry on luggage or your purse. The 20 ct. mix pack, that will be perfect for the times when I may want a wake me up with the Grapefruit scent, or want to relax with Lavendar, or spruce up with Peppermint. You can now clean up, wipe up, and freshen up on the go!

This is perfect for those long flights that leave you dull, and lifeless, or the sun that leaves you burned and dry. This will be a staple for me !

Hooray for pure genious!

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elle denise said...

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! This would be a great addition to Take Home Totes for outside events. Baby Wipes are good, too -- but so regular AND they don't leave a lasting "refreshing" scent.

Nobody wants to smell like "the outside" (as grandma use to say...LOL)

Thanks for the tip. I'm gonna get me some!