Monday, July 28, 2008

Tired but Blissful..

So this weekend completed what I call my Traveling/ Wedding Summer... We just got back in town last night from such a wonderful extended weekend, for our best buddies Jeff and Trina's Wedding in SC. And what makes this couple so special is that Jeff is the one who introduced me to Troy, who is now my hubby!

Even though I just got married to my wonderful hubby this past June, which was oh-so-fab, we got to relive it again with Jeff and Trina. This time we were able to be the spectators, and enjoy the moment with them as they prepared for their nuptials. I can say it felt great because I could see the moments that I am so glad that I was able to enjoy but also see how the events, and moments leading up to the Wedding can be so special, and can I say tiring!

Jeff and Trina's family was so amazing, and we felt so much like family. But, never go to the south and think you will be on some kind of strict diet or 'eating healthy' plan! All of that was out the window as soon as we geared up with the Bride and Groom for the 8 hour trip to the south! Any and everything we ate was good! So, needless to say I am back and tuned in to my regular exercise program.

The Wedding was beautiful and so elegantly done. And as I witnessed the union, I can say, I know I felt as happy as they looked. I guess words cannot describe the feeling of marrying someone who you love so much, and know that that is just the beginning of so many years to come. I felt every bit of excitement and happiness for them that I know I felt on my own Wedding Day. Love is beautiful.

So Cheers to Jeff and Trina, and wishing them many many years of happiness, and love!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Clark Bailey Company MAKEUP: Kelley for Face Mode

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