Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What is your skin craving ??

As I was applying my moisturizer last night, I thought about why I like this particular moisturizer . Like most women I know that fall into the category of 'product junkies', I tend to find myself in the faithful 'loyal bin'. Yes, I have tried many products, and I research products daily, but I don't find myself going to the store monthly stocking up on these products like groceries.
However, there is one product I am crazy about, and I will run to the store to buy it at the mere site of the bottom of the jar. I have found a faithful, loyal, 'never disappoint', 'nag me when I stray', friend.. and that is my CVS Vitamin E moisturizer.
It is not your typical $39 dollar jar of cream or your Cavier infused potion. It is a $3.99 jar of Vitamin E cream.
I have cheated! I have cheated! and gone to other things, but the grass was not green! In fact it was full of weeds!! I had to run back. and was just hoping for happy return. I was welcomed back with radiant skin again. I will never stray !

I can always tell an immediate difference when I don't use it. My moisturizer immediately gives me the smooth, butter feeling my skin craves. It has no harsh ingredients that break me out and itch, and as an added benefit, it keeps my blemishes at bay. I look in the mirror, and my skin is plumper than when I used a $200 'famous' cream, that so many use. I can't ask for anything more in a cream.

With that said I found an interesting article about Moisturizers that you may think is a good read. It's titled ' Moisturizer Myth's Busted !' ... great read !

Let me know what you think! your best moisturizer or product!

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