Monday, December 8, 2008

Highlighting with...MAC Minerlize Skinfinish...

I think the cold is really getting to me.. I slept an hour too long on Saturday but needless to say I really needed it. Friday, was such a late night because I had a Makeup Party that requested Makeup Services for 7 women. I really should have had my watch, because I arrived at 7 and didn't check my time, until getting off the elevator to see that it was 11:59 !! Was I just really enjoying myself, or was I just moving slow.. Who knows, but the women were beautiful.
After a few group shots, I packed what was left of my supplies and headed home.
I got to use a few new products Friday, that I am so in love with, that of course I have to share.
One in particular is MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish. This stuff is amazing.. Yes, I have owned some in the past, but I actually bought one as a highlighter. I have bought many highlighting products, and they still sit in my kit. But, I tried MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne, and it was amazing.
Used on the bridge of the nose, and on the cheeks it created the best highlight. Just a few sweeps of the brush, I was done. As I got the oohhhs, and ahhhhs, I knew this would be a staple in my kit for times to come..

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish , $25

Kelley Epps-Woods


LipstickOne said...

omg! my favorite product ever!!!

the ones that look great on me are warmed and rosebud...(i think it's rosebud..)

loves it!!!

Face Mode said...

It is! oh man.. I haven't gotten excited over using something in a while...

I have to doubble check to see the color I used (and have)..cause it was perfect on Everybody.. it was amazing

Seymone said...

Yes I must agree MSF are the joint. Warmed is a universal shade WOC. I am not using it as much on my clients because I only have

Face Mode said...

Lol I know thats right.. You have to use sparingly...

and you know how MAC do.You'll see the product for 2 weeks, then its being discontinued... lol

I wanna try a few more..
I already use the Skinfinish Natural on myself... which is nice..and the summer it's like 'woahh"