Monday, December 1, 2008

Post Thanksgiving.. Bobbi Brown treasures..

Gooday!! Okay, I am still recouping from the many days of eating, and I still feel like a stuffed moose. But, slowly but surely I am coming back to myself... ;-)  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I feel so blessed, and am very thankful for what God has provided for me and through me, and for a great family.
This is such a beautiful time of the year. To spend so much time with the family, laughing forever, trying to eat without guilt, and catching some post Thanksgiving Holiday shopping. I can't admit I didn't get up bright and early at 5:30 like some of my family, but I was there in spirit ;-).
However, I did have a big accomplishment last week, when I called up Bobbi Brown's Boutique in NJ, for my dose of Bobbi Brown goodness. I was way overdue in ordering my Bobbi, and decided enough is enough. I just had to order what will be staples in my kit forever and ever. Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner!
Even though they have been around for some time now, I had tried this wonderful gel liner on a Bridesmaid this past summer, who had amazingly blue eyes, and I had lined them with the Indigo Gel Eyeliner from Bobbi, and her eyes shot to the moon.. Gorgeous!!
Needless to say, I must have these in all colors. Great for Weddings and the stay put, long lasting, high definition wear. 
Great for the summer months as well, if you have a problem with smearing, water eyes, and high humidity. 
Indulge ladies, if you haven't already, please check these out...

Other great Bobbi find! - Shimmering Nudes Eye Palette.. Colors are amazing!
Other recommendations? .. Bobbi Brown Stick Foundations are excellent. I have just about all of them. Great for there yellow undertone base, and toning down redness, and super for medium to max coverage. Try sheering out with foundation, and buffing in with a blush brush. Airbrush finish!!
Bobbi Brown, Gel Eyeliner,


.elle denise. said...

Pretty, but I wouldn't know what to do w/ it... teach me! I need Makeup 101: for Dummies...LOL

Face Mode said...

WIll do! i guess that will be an addition to the post of how too! lol

LipstickOne said...


i follow your blog via lifeisaficklepickle.

i'm new on the make-up scene and would love for you to check me out. i appreciate any suggestions you have.