Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Makeup Artist | Super Smooth Skin! Sugar Mama Honey Scrub

I'm usually not a fan of scrubs, because I use a loofah daily that seems to exfoliate me enough, however, I recently used Scrub that promised baby soft skin, and a ultra glow. Well what was it and did it perform? Yes!!!! Glowology's Sugar Mama Honey Scrub rawks, and I have to admit it is one of the best scrubs I have ever used.

I love that it is not as abrasive as other scrubs that seem to scratch the ever living mess out of you. The scrub has ultra fine sugar whipped into a honey and shea butter, and mildly exfoliating, which is even perfect for sensitive skin such as mine. It is packed with moisture, and leaves skin deliciously soft and supple.

I didn't want to leave the shower, my skin felt so good. It was buttery smooth, and left a beautiful glow. I didn't even have to apply lotion! If you are a fan of scrubs, or want super smooth skin, please try Glowology's Sugar Mama Honey Scrub, $26.00. You will not be disappointed.

This scrub was one of our winners for Second City Style's Beauty Olympics!!!


.elle denise. said...

I bet that smells like something you'd wanna eat, doesn't it!? *sniffs* LOL

Face Mode said...

girl i love it!... it's really grainy..but not the big grains..