Monday, May 4, 2009

DC Wedding Makeup Artist | More Bridal Beauty Favs!

I have been so m.i.a... I started Wedding Season some weekends ago, and the weekends have become more and more hectic.. I guess that's a good thing, but I find myself not being able to post on my blog like I would like. Nevertheless, I'm back today!

I've been working with some beautiful brides this year, and can't wait for the remaining. I'm finding myself stuck with some really cool makeup, that I am using on a lot of my Brides this year. Every year, I'm pulling and trying new products to use to keep up with bridal trends and winning products, and I really think I have found a couple.

Well this staple has been one for a year or so now, but I absolutely can't start a face without using this.. (Thanks Victoria!).. its the Billy B. foundation brush. I got this at The Makeup Summit last year in NY, and purchased from Billy himself.. Ha, thanks to (@Victoria Stiles)she said I would never use another foundation brush, and she was right! I absolutely adore this little charmer. When I apply foundation it doesn't streak like other foundation brushes, and I never thought I would get away from my Armani Brush. I do still love it though ;) , But these are my staples for applying foundation, and I always get a seamless, flawless coverage.

Next in Bridal Beauty is any and every Makeup Forever Foundation I can think of. Makeup Forever Face and Body being a lifesaver! One past Wedding I had to use face and body for a Bridesmaid who was covered head to toe in hives.. Yes, huge blotchy hives. I felt so bad, but feeling bad was not going to save the day I had to dig into the kit. Luckily I had all of my bottles of Face and Body and went to work. The bride and everyone could not believe how much it camouflaged the hives. It was amazing, I may say.

For lips, I find myself staying really neutral and using a lot of lip stains. No bride wants to be worried with reapplying lip pencils, lipsticks, and gloss. So I usually go in with my favorite neutral lip pencils, and apply a lip stain afterwards, and blend, blend blend. One of my new favorite stains is Tarte Rise and Shine Lip Plumping Stain. Great for the just bitten' mouth, but also providing a natural lip color. A gloss on top is optional, but gives a pretty, natural finish to the lips.

I have so much more on my new Bridal Beauty circuit to share. I just wanted to share my lifesavers for the past few weeks! More to come soon.


Avartsy said...

i love the face and body foundation, did u layer w/ concealer as well, cos it's kinda sheer, no?

Face Mode said...

Its a great foundation.. When I use this on the face I do use the Makeup Forever concealer. However one Wedding I got away with just using the Face and Body, and it was beautiful.

It is sheer but for the body, yes I just use only that..