Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AJ Crimson.. Skin Flawless Foundations & Skin Perfecting Powders

When I thought I was so overcome with the Kissable Couture lip glosses, here comes AJ Crimson with Foundations and Powders..!
I was pleasantly surprised to see this considering, I was just going to check out his site. Not only is it redesigned, and looks fab..Good job AJ ;-), but I find his new Skin Flawless Foundations, and Skin Perfecting Powders.
They range in shades from a light sand color, to dark chocolate mocha color.
As a makeup artist, blending foundations works great because with just a few colors, you can pretty much match any complexion. So ,I must check them out, and give you guys and updated Review!

Go AJ!
AJ Crimson Skin Flawless Foundations & Skin Perfecting Powders($ 20-25) ajcrimson.com
-Kelley D. Woods


Felicia said...

we must talk about this. i'm dying to try. hey are you coming to the artist summit in NY oct 12 and 13? i'll be there oct 12.


facemode said...

umm hmm yes we must... I think imma place an order soon..