Monday, September 8, 2008

....Weddings; Congrats Tsedey and Ijeoma!

So I'm recovering from a long weekend of Weddings. Not only did Hurrican Hanna threaten to throw me into a couple of walls from getting splashed from the cars beside me, but riding through about a foot of water was no fun either. That's what it was like for me heading to my Saturday Weddings.
My first Wedding washed me up at Hotel Monaco for the beautiful Tsedey's Wedding. Looking out the window as her makeup was done, she couldn't help but to wonder., 'Why Today ?'. However, surprisingly she remained in the best of mood, and really excited. It showed that no matter what the day was like, she was getting married, and she was very happy.

My second Wedding took me out to Burtonsville, Maryland where I was greeted by the lovely Ijeoma. Ijeoma and I met 3 years ago, at a Photo Shoot with JLamont (as we called him); real name Jeff.
Her contacting me after 3 years makes me think of what an impression people have of you.  I haven't heard from her in 3 years, but for her to think of me for one of the most important days, her Wedding, was really special. ---
She had a very pleasant, calming presence on her Wedding day... Even though it was clearly raining, I let her know it was slowing down to a drizzle and actually clearing up. She thanked me for being hopeful...but really it was. It did clear. As she walked out her front door to the limo, there was not a raindrop coming from the sky ;-). Yeah!

As I got in my car and headed home, I just thought about... Faith... Faith.. that's the name of the game.. Anything is possible...

Congratulations to Tsedey, and Ijeoma on your Wedding!
Picture Capture: Ijeoma after her FMB Consultation

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