Sunday, September 28, 2008's Make Up For Ever again!.. Face & Body Liquid Makeup

What an exhausting, but so rewarding weekend! This was the busiest weekend I have had since I can remember. By Sunday morning, I couldn't even get it together, but then realized I had a Consultation to get ready for... *can't hit snooze again*
This weekend alone I had 3 Weddings, a Photo shoot, and a Consultation. All were very successful, but boy was I working on Doritos's and Starbucks ;-)!

So any who, I was raving to my girl Felicia over at , about some products I fell in love with this week. Wehad been talking about products that we have bought and just sits in our kit. But, its not like they are not good products, its just that heck, how do you get around to using everything with tons of makeup!

Nevertheless, I yapped and yapped about Make Up For Ever's Face and Body Foundation. It had been sitting in my kit for a year or so, and I never really used it, until I happen to crack it open this weekend.
At first, I didn't think it gave me the coverage I needed but, was I really mistaken! I happened to use this product this weekend, and to my shock, it provided all the coverage I needed! And I also found that if I layered it, it would give me more coverage.
Well what do you know, I am a new fan! I fell so in love that that's all I used on just about everyone this weekend. It gave me the most flawless finish ever. Yep, you heard it....
LOOK AT THE SKIN! umm hmmm

Make Up For Ever F&B rawks!

Make Up Forever Face & Body ($38)

-Kelley D. Woods

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