Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..productive Weekend..

Sorry guys, I have been M.I.A for a few days, but with good explanation ;-). I just wrapped up a weekend full of Consultations and Weddings, on one of my most busiest weekends. To top it off, I got no rest of course ;-).

As I wind down to the end of the year, I can't help but think of what a world wind of a year it has been. The year started a tad slow, with my Wedding approaching in June, and  I didn't want to add too much to the plate. But, boy after June, the emails started going! Wedding bookings after another. It was a good thing, considering I didn't have to bring out the makeup brushes but every other weekend prior to that,  so the rest was worth it for the time...But, things are back into the swing of things, and I have 5 more Weddings to go.

I'll be back with more makeup related issues that I have on my plate to share with you guys soon...


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