Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Super Shiny Puckers: Makeup Forever Glossy Full

Has your gloss ever been not shiny enough, or are you tired of your matte lipsticks. Well take your shine to another level with, Makeup Forever's Full Glossy. It's not just any ol' clear gloss,it produces a 'vinyl effect'! Makeup Forever's Glossy Full is ultra glossy lip plumping gloss, that gives the lip a vinyl-shine effect. It is colorless and non sticky (for those who tend to get there hair stuck in the gloss ;) .

For an ultra glossy effect, try this Glossy Full over your regular gloss. Talking about a high shine effect! I'm excited thinking about it..
If you want a full glossy color all-in-one, try Makeup Forever's Glossy Full Couleur. These ultra pigmented, gel-textured lip glosses are long lasting, and leaves lips with an ultra shiny, vinyl-effect.

Check out the Video to see Glossy Full in action!

Make Up For Ever Glossy Full, $20

Kelley Epps-Woods


.elle denise. said...


I'm sold (any excuse to buy more...)


Face Mode said...

Lol, that's what I say!

Janiene Hines said...

I finally found your blog...lol. I am going to get me some... good post!! Love u!

Face Mode said...

@Janiene..Hey girl!..

Yes, this it!..

luv you too!

arTIAstry :: Makeup Artistry by TIA said...

How do the MUFE glosses compare to the FACEAtelier glosses? About the same?

Face Mode said...

I have the FA glosses ..but I don't use them alot.. Love the MUFE glosses!
However I do use mostly Dior's because I love the colors and consistency.