Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Venus Embrace... The Best Razor Ever..

Okay, I have never been one for shaving. First, it takes too long, and second,I never can manage a clean shave without nicks and cuts. It never fails. So, I had sworn off razors, and went other routes.
Well, that was until I tried Gillette's Venus Embrace 5 blade razor. One word, Amazing. I will never try another razor. I couldn't believe how effortless it was. I had to look at the razor to see if it was actually getting the hair!

With it's moisturizing band, it glided over the skin so easy, and even better I was nick free! My legs felt so luxurious, and has never felt so baby soft. I also love that it last longer than most razors, and I don't have to change razors every few days.
Now, I don't mind touching up here and there, because I know this razor works. This razor should win an award, and I'm not sure what took them so long for a razor like this!
If you are one for razors you MUST try this razor, and even if you aren't, you still must try this razor. It's amazing you won't regret it..

Gillette's Venus Embrace 5 blade razor, $13.99

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.elle denise. said...

I'm sold... *rubs cut-up leg*