Friday, March 20, 2009

It's a Sweet Sixteen!

Wanted to post something fun today.. Its Friday!! I wanted to share this earlier in the week, but had been so tied up with Editorial post, faces and such.. Nevertheless, I got to do makeup for a fab 'Sweet 16", that was so fun. I think I enjoyed so much, because I had no idea what I did for my 16th birthday.

I brought out all the tools for this one. I arrived to the home to start makeup, and my hubby was assigned photographer. Of course, she was gleaming and excited.. After makeup was done, we headed to take a few formal pics of her and her friends, and then headed to the party.. Let's just say I'm not sure who had more fun the grown ups, or the teenages..Lol.. Good times!
Here are few pics...

(Her and her friends on their way to the party)

(UHhh this cake looks so yummy!) -> (Her candy bar Decor)


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ha! it was a ball..I felt like 16 again.. *blushing*