Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabulous Brows: Vanity Mark

Hey everyone!... It's been a few days..I have been extremely busy with organizing home, business, and my Editorial work for Second City Style. But, I promise the neglect will be minimum.
I have a product I wanted to share with you, that yes, I have falling in love with... On the makeup front, I have been doing alot of natural beauty, and mostly for everyday women. So, I wanted to share this product with you that will put your whole look together.

What is this product you say? Well, I am totally loving Vanity Mark Eyebrow Pencils in Dark Choco. I absolutely have no brows, and really have to groom them in the morning. If I have not done my eyebrows, it throws off my whole look . When I discovered Vanity Mark Eyebrow pencils, I feel instantly in love. The color is phenomenal and is perfect for my brows, and not only that, they have somewhat like built in wax, and tames and lays down your brows as you fill them in. My brows do not move all day.

Because I use powders on brows for most of my clients, it is so refreshing to turn to this pencil to fill in the sparse areas, as well as groom the brows as well. It may be a tad expensive for what you may want to pay for an eyebrow pencil, but it works! From caucasian to african american women, there is one for you..

Check out their whole collection. I am a fan. Vanity Mark, $16

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