Thursday, March 12, 2009

Peek-a-boo's No More! hip-T Giveaway at Second City Style!

Ladies, this is serious business! Are you low rider jeans riding 'too low', and/or tired of the embarrassing accidental peeks. Well let me introduce you to hip-T. No more unexpected peeks of your undergarments, and no more tugging and pulling.
Hip-T solves those problems by being extra coverage for under your shirts, and as a cute layering piece. I have one in black and white, and I love them! No more worries about bending over and giving someone a 'surprise'!

Check out our Giveaway at Second City Style! We will be giving away hip-T's to 2 lucky readers, with their choice of style and color.

Head on over to Second City Style! You guys will love them.. I promise..

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Face Mode said...

Thanks for those who entered into the giveaway!