Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NARS New Collection - 'Jungle Red'

Nars celebrates with the release of 'The Woman' witih the exclusive Jungle Red Set!

Nars says, The exclusive collection creates timeless, Hollywood glamour with Jungle Red Nail polish, Jungle Red lipstick, and Jungle Red Lip liner.
Think Joan Crawford, circa 1938.

Upon my first glance, all I could say was wow! I totally thought old Hollywood Glamour, when ladies were 'ladie's and wore nothing but the finest. Even of course their makeup was glamorous. This is what Nars created when taking it back in time.
I think this is still classic. It will make the blandest face look sleek and sophisticated once applied.
This may definitely be one for the collection.

Jungle Red, Nars Cosmetics ($65)


Felicia said...

girl, ya beat me to the punch on this. i have a post scheduled to go live at some point this week. i believe my facemode write up goes live tomorrow

Face Mode said...

Ha! Great minds think alike ;-)

I saw it and said Wow...

They have a new Eye Palette, I'm thinking about getting, as well as one of their Bridal Palettes...

Live!? wooot woot..can't wait..