Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adesign KabukiSet!

Yeah! Kabuki's... 
Those of you who love a great Kabuki as much as I do, please check out Adesign's KabukiSet that is on Sale for $35. There are 4 wonderful Kabuki brushes for a great price..

I have another set of Adesign Makeup Brushes that I totally adore. They are some of the best brushes I have used, and they do not shed. Makeup Brushes that shed are like a thorn in my side. It irritates me to the utmost. Every person that has felt my brushes, love how soft they feel. There is nothing like a good quality brush. And oh, did I say they are inexpensive compared to so many higher priced brushes, that don't even compare to these charmers. Brush lovers..

Please check these out if you love a to-die-for brush!

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