Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green Is In...

Green is in! Just take a look at the palettes for fall. Green shadow has always been a favorite of mine, but most shy away from. One, because they think they can't wear it, and two because it not the most popular color. But green ladies, is one of the most beautiful colors that makes your eyes pop like crazy, and is amazing on brown and hazle eyed women.
Green also brightens your complexion. So if you had a late night, and need to look 'bright eyed and bushy tailed' for the morning, try lining your eye with a subtle green liner, or add a sheer layer of green shimmer shadow. It will make you look half way alive! lol.
Take the plunge ladies. It's a color you should definitely add to your collection!

Some of my favorites are Swimming Eyeshadow by MAC $14.50 , or Nars Palette in BellyDance $32.00 (shown above).

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