Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Weekend with Essence..

I'm back from a busy but an amazing weekend! Saturday I had to mentally and physically be ready because I knew I had one of my most busiest days ahead of me.
I started the morning at 7 am to do Ms. Dee Marshall's, TV Lifestyle Expert, makeup for the Essence Conference. Of course, she was up and ready to get glammed. We chatted, and soaked up the early morning, and with the last swipe the blush, I headed out for what was next on my agenda.
Getting dressed in the car, ( lol, I know) I got my game face on to get ready to work the Essence Young Women's Leadership Conference. This was going to be a 10 hour work day at the Conference, but I was ready!

The Conference was so inspirational, to see so many young women energetic and ready to receive everything they could from the Conference.
My whole day consisted of doing registrations, and running from sessions to sessions.. We had phenomal speakers such as, Vanessa and Angela Simmons (MTV's "Run's House"/ Pastry Sneakers and Apparel); author/media exective Amy DuBois Barnett (Get Yours! How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More), financial expert Glinda Bridgfort (Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!), music executive Shanti Das (Exectuvie VP of Urban Marketing and Artist Development , Universal Motown); Capricorn Clark (Global Brand Manager, Sean John, TV Personality, VH1's "I want to Work for Diddy"); and lawyer/TV host/interior designer Lauren Lake (HGTV's "Spice Up My Kitchen").

“It is important for ESSENCE to provide our younger readers with the tools and information necessary for a bright and successful future, “says Angela Burt-Murray, editor-in-chief, Essence.
After 10 hours, and standing in heels, I was quite exhausted, but still amped... The conference was a great success, and so many young women left with a resource of information.
My moment of exhaustion had to be excused for a couple of more hours because I had to head to do makeup for a 30th Birthday Party.
So, I would say I had a great balance for the day.. Volunteering for something I believed in, as well as doing something I love.
This has been a memorable weekend..

Ms. Dee Marshall and I, after a long day at the conference..Her makeup is still holding though!

Kelley D. Epps-Woods


.elle denise. said...

Crap! As many reminders as I set for myself, I still managed to FORGET about this... *sigh*... Glad it was a blast. Better luck (for me, anyways-LOL) next year.

Face Mode said...

Yeah it came quick.. It was really great though... Long day, but it was worth it...

Raise The Bar, LLC said...

Face Mode...

You are fabulous and I soo appreicate your work...! I'm so happy we found each other and looking forward to our next face. SMOKEY blue, black...

Bye the way, we should have posted to the Aimee Winehouse photos from the red carpet event!!! hilarious.


Coach Dee Marshall
Makeover Manor Life Coach
CEO Raise The Bar, LLC

Face Mode said...

Thank you Dee!

I am too..
OOHhh yummy.. I have a 3 layer smokey blue for you ;-)next time..

Oh let me go post the Amy'
They were betty honey!

faithdbrown said...

Dang it! I was going to attend this!

Face Mode said...

would have loved you there Faith!..that would have been fun.