Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pearls are a girls best friend! Pearls by Carol's Daughter

I have been in love with Carol's Daughter, since my cousin turned me on to her almost 12 years ago.. When she first started her creations in her kitchen, everything was handmade, packaged precisely in jars, and was so rich in textures and scents.
Carol's daughter has now many stores, as well as shelves of her products in Sephora. She still amazes me with her beautiful scents, and awesome products, so I was just excited to see the release of Pearls...
Lisa says: "When I create a scent the best part of creating it is sharing it with you. I love bringing you fragrances that are unique and unforgettable. Our new Eau de Toilette, Pearls by Carol's Daughter, is such a fragrance." - Lisa Price
Pearls by Carol's Daughter sparkles with lemon verbena and the luscious aspect of apricot and peach. The fragrance evolves into a voluptuous floral heart of intoxicating jasmine, rose and violet leaves topped off by warm vanilla and sweet caramel. In a word…delicious.
I cannot wait to try it. I'm so over the stuffy fragrances on the market today, and this looks like I can wear it everyday and it not be so overbearing....
**If anyone wants to know something to get me for Christmas.. *snicker, snicker*
Kelley D. Epps-Woods

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Face Mode said...

I received this in the mail!! and it is heavenly!

It is almost seductive.I think I'm in love