Wednesday, November 5, 2008

OBAMA - The American Dream!!

HISTORY MADE! VICTORY! --I can't begin to say how proud I am to be an American! Never did I think I would see this day, in my lifetime.. However, I know God can do ALL THINGS! I am so overwhelmed and overjoyed of what I witnessed last night. OBAMA is the dream. He is the living means of all possibility in this country. For our kids, our grand kids, and generations to come.

When I voted yesterday, I said a prayer for those who have come before us, or ancestors, my great grandparents, and all of those who died, blood and tears, for our rights, equality, and justice. I feel new. I feel free!


So, as I looked for the morning paper.. There were none in site! I mean none.. So, discouraged as I got to my last location of looking, I saw a homeless man and his made shrine standing near all of the paper machines. People usually pass him, and think he's crazy, and I usually just scurry on. However, today I said let me go over there, and see if there are any papers in that machine. Being as though he was standing in front of it I said, "Sir.. are there any papers in the machine".. He said, "I got them right here"... He had 4 papers sitting on top of the machine, like he was guarding them.. No one, I'm sure would have thought to ask.. But, I did, and I was beyond ecstatic! So, I reached in my purse and handed him a little change as to say 'Thank you, Sir!'...

He said, " I have more stuff, take what you like.. you want the Washington Post'.. I said " I can't take your Washington Post'.. he said " I can always get another"...

As I left completely happy and arms full of papers, I thanked him once again, and was on my way. You just never never know..

VICTORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Face Mode said...

This inspires me everytime I see it.!
I'm so glad I posted in my journal.. It keeps me moving above and beyond...